November 06, 2007

9/11 Firefighters Monument Dedicated


A 40-foot-high bronze monument called 'To Lift A Nation' and depicting three New York firefighters raising the flag over the ruins of the World Trade Center was dedicated yesterday at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Park in Emmitsburg, Md. The statue honors the heroes of the September 11, 2001 attrocities.

It not only represents those fallen heroes who died during the September 11th tragedy, but it also honors firefighters all over the nation who die each year in the line of duty."

Sculptor Stan Watts stated, "The monument and its flag are symbols of hope and courage for a nation deeply impacted by this tragedy. It honors a moment in the history of our country and reminds us of the bravery and sacrifice made by our firefighters and by thousands of citizens, from all walks of life, who selflessly serve humankind in times of need."

343 firefighters from the New York area died on 9/11.

Never forget.

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