November 06, 2007

Israeli Official: Iran May Be Nuke-Armed by 2009

Israel's Head of Military Intelligence Research, Brig. Gen. Yossi Baldatz, reported to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee earlier today.

"Iran's conservative sect is gaining power. The Iranian regime is faced with internal issues, but there is no danger to its existence or stability. Assuming no difficulties are mounted against it, the worst case scenario is Iran obtaining nuclear arms by 2009."
So, there's nothing internally in Iran to dramatically impede a nuclear weapons and "wipe Israel off the map" agenda.

Some may disagree on time estimates but there is generally no disagreement about Iran's intentions. The Islamic nation's argument for a nuclear program for power generation lacks substance since overtures have been honestly made to build power plants for them. Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad has stated that Iran's goal is to destroy Israel.

To all those in the U.S. who protest, or support, the drumbeats of war with Iran, think for a second. The issue is much larger than all the protest marches, political rhetoric and U.S. elections. If Iran doesn't back down on its weapons program, do you believe for a second that Israel will sit back and allow its guaranteed annihilation to proceed?

I don't. Iran will cease its nuclear weapons development or it will be done for them.

If Israel, for its very survival, is forced to act unilaterally against Iran, expect a global conflict to result. If the U.S. and its allies act against Iran, for the sake of averting a global conflict, a smaller, regional campaign is possible. So, friends, I see a simple choice. If Iran doesn't back down, the nation will be attacked. Either the U.S. does it or Israel does it. Take your pick.

Keep in mind one thing, though, either way the U.S. will be blamed.

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