November 05, 2007

Afghan Arrested for.... Translating the Koran

Our allies, the Afghans. Seriously, how effed up does your country have to be that you flee into Pakistan from the religious zealots in yours? BBC:

The distributor of a new translation of the Koran has been arrested after complaints from religious scholars that the new edition was un-Islamic.

Former journalist Ghows Zalmay is also the spokesman for Afghanistan's attorney general.

He was arrested on the border on Sunday while trying to flee into Pakistan...

Religious scholars are outraged at the new edition of the Muslim holy book.

They say that it is un-Islamic, that it misinterprets verses about alcohol, begging, homosexuality and adultery....

Both houses of the Afghan parliament have held emergency debates.

Senators have called for Mr Zalmay and the translator, himself a mullah, to be punished.

One said Mr Zalmay was "worse than Salman Rushdie", whose book, The Satanic Verses, caused widespread outrage in the Islamic world....

In the northern city of Taloqan 1,500 university students took to the streets in protest, while in the south-east province of Nimruz 1,000 local people, including several mullahs, took part in a demonstration.

I wonder what they mean by the accusation that the translation 'misrepresents' homosexuality? Like, maybe he's saying it's okey dokey to bugger a kid or two? Or is it the opposite: mullahs outraged that new translation frowns upon ancient local custom of buggering boys?

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