November 03, 2007

Florida, Michigan Companies Hosting African Taliban Website


The Somali arm of the global jihad has two websites hosted by U.S. companies. My Somalian isn't so great, but I'm fairly certain this is the Islamic Court's Union, a group supported by al Qaeda. Since both websites carry their official logo as well as images of bin Laden and Zarqawi, it's a pretty safe bet.

Their indexes show the website being updated today.

Marked Manner has contact info on one of the websites. It's hosted in Florida.

Update: The first site that Marked Manner is running is Pwned!


A secondary website run by the same individual is here: =
Canton, Michigan

Bonus: e-mail a terrorist

Gateway Pundit, "Have pi$$ed off the mullahs today?"

Why yes, we have.

Vote Jawa! .

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