November 02, 2007

Why Iraq is Rarely on the Nightly News Now

Because western journalists are reluctant to report success in a campaign they had all but declared lost.

As conservative columnist and blogger Andrew Bolt writes at

The battle is actually over. Iraq has been won.

I know this will seem to many of you an insane claim. Ridiculous!

After all, haven't you read countless stories that Iraq is a "disaster", turned by a "civil war" into a "killing field"?

Didn't Labor leader Kevin Rudd, in one of his few campaign references to Iraq, say it was the "greatest ... national security policy disaster that our country has seen since Vietnam"?

You have. And you have been misled.

Bolt examines the figures and events and makes a compelling argument. Especially telling: Iraq's violent death rate right now is roughly equal to that of South Africa. How many are calling South Africa after apartheid a failed democracy?

A.J. at The Strata-Sphere predicts this column is the beginning of a trend.

At Jules Crittenden's blog commenter RebeccaH, sums things up admirably:

What a sad commentary on our own society that news of the war disappears from the front page because we are winning it.
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