November 02, 2007

U.S. Nuked Syrian Nuke Facility: A Conspiracy Theory Begins!

Yesterday Tim from Opinion Bug e-mailed this thread over at Islam Memo which claimed that the U.S. was involved in an Israeli airstrike which may have targetted a nuclear facility in Syria.

Oh, and they claim a U.S. tactical nuke was used. But nobody was killed. Oh, and then the Syrians attacked 25 planes over Cyprus. Right.

What's interesting is that it was posted yesterday, and it cited a "businessman" as a source, as well as a local security guard in Syria.

Today JPOST cites al Jazeera which claims to be citing Israeli & Arab sources about the alleged nuclear strike.

It seems to me that we've found the actual source of the rumors: Islam Memo, an Islamist forum. That's some reliable source there al Jazeera.

Wheels within wheels my friends. Wheels within wheels.

UPDATE: Interesting comment by David:

Why would they create this conspiracy? Because now when Nuclear fallout is found at the site they can claim it was American nuke that hit a building, not a building that got hit and spread nuclear waste around.

This is the way to justify nuclear traces on the ground……….it’s America’s fault.

Plausible. But then again given that Middle East papers routinely publish such conspiracies, maybe they're just idiots?

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