November 01, 2007

Al Qaeda's "Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet" Declaration

Here is a translation, sent to me by jveritas, of the message posted on a well known forum connected to al Qaeda which called for an "internet jihad". This is the same forum where al Qaeda media members once communicate in password protected backrooms dubbed "Obelisk" by some.

The post was originally put up on October 1st, but last week DEBKA ran a summary of the post as an "exclusive". My understanding is that follow up posts in the thread contained more specific threats, such as beginning cyber attacks on Nov. 11th against 15 websites. The message then went on to claim that far more websites would eventually be attacked.

The following announcement sets forth the reason for forming the “Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet”. It is broken up into several parts. Highlights include:

The formation of an online hacking community.

A proposed "messaging program" (e-mails, instant messaging) for the exclusive use of supporters of jihad. Presumably "safe" from the prying eyes of Western Intelligence.

Cyber jihadis who's job it would be to collect and disseminate propaganda.

The recruitment of new blood for the as Sahab and al Furqan media foundations--the propaganda arms of al Qaeda & al Qaeda in Iraq.

A call for translators.

The recruitment of cyber security experts.

From this blessed forum I call on to the formation of “Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet” for the triumph of truth in the age of darkness so contribute with us in establishing these blessed Battalions.

A. The definition of “Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet”:

They are large group made from faithful members who love the truth and want the triumph of the religion and their job is to bring the truth to large segments in the world that do not have the full truth or get the real truth, and to do so by using the available means or create new methods.

B. The mission of “Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet”:

Spreading the truth of the muslim nation, of Jihad, and of Mujahedeen to the world and in particular to the place that live in darkness.

C. The vision of “Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet”:

Our vision is to draw a map of the world internet and reach 85% of the internet users, for example we see that the “Messenger Program” is used by approximately 99.9% of the internet users therefore we want to establish our own “Jihadi Messenger Program” to enter each house in the world.

The types of “Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet”:

1. The Information Battalions:

Formation of battalions in different languages to gather information about the threads posted in the islamic forum in all languages and non ilsmaic forums, as well as the youth forums in general and the islamic in particular.

2. Hacking Battalions:

The formation of Hackers groups from among the Moujahedeen to study the method of hacking the forums and develop new hacking methods.

3. Literature Attack Battalions:

The formation of writers groups from among our brothers to publish their old and new writings in all the forums presented by the Information Battalions.

4. E-mailing Battalions

The formation of groups from among the brothers to send all what is being published by the Moujahedeen in particular the “Sahab” and “Furqan” institutes to all e-mail boxes and here we pay a standing ovation to our brothers in “Al Nusara E-mail” because they were first in this domain but this time we not only send e-mail to who register his e-mail address but also to all humanity.

5. The Research and Development Battalions

The formation of the Research and Development Battalions to research, develop, and create new method to spread the information to the largest possible number of people or figure out the active people to send them the information.

6. The Advocacy Battalions:

The formation of advocacy battalions to call on people to join the “Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet”

7. Production Battalions:

The formation of battalions from among the brothers who are specialized on audio, video, flashes, and banners production to support the blessed battalions in its publications and to support the Advocacy battalions in its mission.

8. Translation Battalions:

The formation of translators battalions to translate from Arabic to the main languages or to other languages

9. The Security and Technical Battalions:

The formation of battalions form among the technical experts of forums and chat rooms and the security of the internet so they can from private chat rooms for each battalion and these chat rooms is not for visitors or reading or commenting but for the members of the battalions to discuss how to divide the work among themselves.

…….. Important Note:

Sheikh Osama [bin Laden] may Allah protect him said: “90% of the battle is trough the media and the remaining is through weapons”.

Sobering words from bin Laden. It would be wise to keep them in mind. Thanks again to jveritas for this!

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