October 31, 2007

Zionist Whores Deployed Against Palestinan Rock Brigades

howieidfhottiesmall.jpgGenius! Sheer Genius!

Via Israel National News: he Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida carried a story this week about IDF tactics that surpassed all previous accusations of supposed Israeli deviousness - poisoned candies, hormone-laced gum, poisoned wells, magnetized belts - in its bizarreness.

According to an Al-Hayat Al-Jadida front page report, the IDF has turned to using armed, female strippers in its war on upstanding Palestinian boys. The newspaper reports that when the Arab rock-throwing begins, IDF soldiers run for cover. Then, the story continues, after some time of hiding, an Israeli woman stands up on top of a barricade and begins to perform an alluring strip tease. Innocent Arab teenage boys, distracted from the business of rioting, are enticed to approach, when, according to the newspaper, the woman ? an IDF soldier ? shoots them with a pistol she had hidden in her underwear.

Scary! It's like the Crane Kick. When done properly, is no defense.

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Hat Tip: Israellycool.

(Zionist Whore is our pet name for Jawa co-blogger and Yemen expert Jane. The Yemeni government gave it (the name silly) to her and it just kind of stuck)

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