October 29, 2007

A Plea for South African Hostages in Iraq


The families of four South Africans held hostage in Iraq are seeking help in getting the victims released. The four men were abducted at a Baghdad roadblock in December 2006. The men were in the country with a private security firm.

The victims are Andre Durant, Callie Scheepers, Johann Enslin and Hardus Greeff.

On December 21, Lourikas Durant spoke to her husband Adre. He said he was okay and that they would soon be released.

"Don't stop praying for us," he told her.

Lourika asked where he was, but the phone was dead.

Since then no one has heard anything. The kidnappers have still not made contact.

Authorities suggested that the families keep quiet about the incident, fearing that if was discussed publicly that the hostage takers would demand a higher ransom.
But while that strategy might apply to places like Peru or Nigeria, it's not the proper one for Iraq.

Public pressure can be very helpful in helping to get hostages released from Iraq. Especially when that pressure is directed towards religious leaders who hold a great deal of sway.

This is big news in South Africa now that the families are talking publicly. Unfortunately, the four weren't peace activists so the rest of the world seems to be ignoring them. The hostages, there, are called "The Baghdad Four."

We pray that they are still alive and unharmed; and demand their unconditional and immediate release.

Lourikas Durant has a website devoted to her husband's release here. Thanks to Hanti Otto for making me aware of the situation. Here's an article from Hanti describing the situation.

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