October 29, 2007

Full Text of Boylan Email to Greenwald Reveals Mischaracterizations UPDATE: Greenwald e-mails!

sockpuppet_glenngreenwald.jpgYesterday, Glenn Greenwald posted excerpts from what he called a "bizarre, unsolicited email" he received from Colonel Steve Boylan, PAO to General Petraeus. Boylan hasn't confirmed that he is the author, but if he is, he chewed Greenwald a new one.

As he had promised in the Salon post, Greenwald has forwarded the Dread Pundit Bluto the full text of the email. It seems that Glenn, who has been credibly accused of sock puppetry in the past, edited the email to his best advantage. The full text here with the portions Greenwald left out in boldface.

UPDATE: I get mail from Greenwald!

I'm asking this in all sincerity - do you know how to read? The VERY FIRST TWO LINES of my post say:
I received this morning an unsolicited email from Col. Steven A. Boylan, the Public Affairs Officer and personal spokesman for Gen. David G. Petraeus (see UPDATE III below). The subject line of the email -- which I am publishing in full, unedited form here --

The link to "full, unedited form" goes here, where the email, in its unedited ENTIRETY, is published [HERE]

The parts I published in the original post were mere exceprts, I made explicitly clear:
In terms of whether the U.S. Army under Petraeus and Boylan is, in fact, becoming a political actor, I'll let multiple passages from Boylan's email to me this morning speak for itself:

Can you comprehend this? Squint your eyes really hard and concentrate for a minute or so and I bet it comes to you.

Glenn Greenwald

In answer to Glenn's multiple questions:

a) No, I cannot read. In fact "Rick Ellensburg" had to read your letter to me, and is, in fact, typing this right now.

To be honest, I never read your original post. This might shock you Glenn, but I don't read anything you write. Ever.

So any knowledge about what you wrote came second-hand, through my buddy "Rick". If any one is to blame for me mischaracterizing---which it's obvious that I did-- your initial post is "Rick's fault".

b) No, apparently I didn't comprehend your post. But, again, it's "Rick's" fault.

Likewise, all typos belong to Rick as well as all references to your sexuality. "Rick" is a raging homophobe.

I'd send my apologies, but "Rick" is the one to blame here, not me. So, I'll give a non-apology apology. I'm sorry if the Jawa Report hurt your feelings. And, to make amends, I promise to fire Rick Ellensburg ASAP.

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