October 28, 2007

Yemen Spins Al-Badawi Release

For years I have called Yemeni President Saleh, "The King of Spin." This, my dears, is what I mean:

The Yemeni Defense Ministry:26 Septemper (sic) "Jamal al-Badawi, the second man who is in charge of attacking USS Cole in 2000, and a high-profile Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen, is in police custody" ,security official said to "26sep.net". Al- Badawi gave himself up to security apparatuses on Oct 16 2007, a an interior ministry official said.
Policy custody in the case of Gaber Elbaneh (Lackawanna #7) consists of loose house arrest, The Interior Minister says Al-Badawi under interrogation, something close to, "So Jamal, how do you like your chicken cooked?"
A convicted mastermind of the 2000 bombing of a US Navy destroyer in a Yemeni port was rearrested in Yemen days after he was set free, the Interior Ministry said on Sunday. The ministry said in a statement that Jamal Mohammed al-Badawi, who was initially released from police custody a few days ago, "is now detained by security authorities and being interrogated in accordance to the law."

His recapture was announced after several US officials and members of Congress protested in press remarks the Yemeni government's move to set him free. A source close to al-Badawi told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that al-Badawi was transferred by security agents from the southern port city of Aden to the capital Sana'a on Saturday.

Our Yemeni analyst says, "It is another maneuver out of a big basket of moves the regime has been accustomed to use to fool the public, and also the international community at large. I bet Saleh is laughing behind closed doors at the fools in Washington expressing relief that his release was a rumor and that they value his good intentions in his anti-terrorism war. What a sham! Saleh must be the most ingenious person in the world to fool as many people for such a long time. I wonder what is next!?!"

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