October 27, 2007

Yemen Censors Internet Access After Al-Badawi Release

They re-blocked my website, several Yemeni opposition news sites and the Ministry of Telecoms is denying access to proxies. Typical.

These are the lead stories in the official media (hold on to your coffee):

SANA'A.(26sep.net) - A delegation of experts from the Federal Institute for Geosciences in Germany will visit Yemen next month.

SANA'A, (Saba)- Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Mohamed al-Mutahar left Sana'a on Friday for the Omani Capital, Mascot, for a several-day official visit to hold talks with Omani officials over strengthening academic ties between universities in both countries.

Unsurprising Update: Yemeni security officials refuse to comment on media reports about the release of Jamal al-Badwai, convicted of bombing USS Cole off Aden port on October 12, 2000...

But the military delegation is going to have some 'splaining to do when they get to Washington.

Previous Al-Badawi blogging below the fold, including my 2006 article on his amazing escape from a maximum security prison in Yemen's capital. The article on the Cole bombing explains a lot as well:

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