October 26, 2007

Money Quote of the Day

US Naval Commander Kirk Lippold, who commanded the USS Cole at the time of the attack, in a rare statement since the 2000 bombing, commented on the release of al-Badawi, via CNN:

"In the war on terrorism, actions speak stronger than words, and this act by the Yemeni government is a clear demonstration that they are neither a reliable nor trustworthy partner in the war on terrorism," said Cmdr. Kirk Lippold.

No, not reliable nor trustworthy. Megadittos.

In the same article, the feds make a good point: "This will not be the last we hear of him." The lack of justice is one thing; the renewed threat to the US homeland is another.

Last thing, don't fall for the regime spin that all of Yemen loves al-Qaeda and, thus and therefore, we need President Saleh to secure us. There's about 20 million Yemenis, half are kids (half of those are starving). The al-Qaeda ideology targets Shiites, women, Islamic reformers, democrats, Socialists. intellectuals, pluralists, mainstream Muslims and many others. They get it. They pay.

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