October 25, 2007

Report: Syrian Intelligence Linked to al Qaeda in Lebanon

Fatah al-Islam is an al Qaeda affiliated group in Lebanon. Why would Syria support an al Qaeda linked group when the Syrian Baathists are so deeply hated by the Islamists? The answer is that the Islamists aren't opposed to strategic alliances, even with regimes they consider 'apostate'.

In fact the major allies of the secular dictatorship in Syria are the fanatical Shia Islamists in Iran. Syria servers an Iranian purpose in this case. Syria, with a long track record of supporting any and every terror group which furthers their own interests, probably wouldn't have too many qualms with giving support to Sunni Islamist terrorists any more than they do the Shia Islamist terrorists of Hizbollah.

None of this makes the report true, but it certainly makes it plausible. NYSun:

"Direct contact between some of Fatah al-Islam's leaders and some senior Syrian intelligence officers, which were revealed in the interrogations, are consistent with the suspicion that Syrian intelligence has used Fatah al-Islam to serve its political and security objectives in Lebanon," Mr. Siniora wrote, according to Mr. Ban's report to the Security Council.
Incidentally the Shia and the Sunni both tend to look upon the Syrian rulers, who are Alawites, as heretics.

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