October 24, 2007

Drudge Posts TNR "Shock Troops" Investigative Documents - Updated

UPDATE: Links to the documents, no longer available from Drudge, are at the end of post.

The New Republic's outlandish stonewalling to protect fake source Scott Thomas is completely demolished by these official documents that Drudge has obtained and posted:

The documents appear to expose that once the veracity of Beauchamp's diaries were called into question, and an Army investigation ensued, THE NEW REPUBLIC has failed to publicly account for publishing slanderous falsehoods about the U.S. military in a time of war.
This house of cards is falling, though clueless lefty bloggers continue to cite Beauchamp's lies, even as their hyperlinks disappear (click on this bonehead's "Scott Thomas Beauchamp" link to see the "404 File Not Found" page.

Thanks to a tip from The Book Worm.

Kevin Drum still believes that the sun and planets orbit the earth:

It's hard to judge whether this is damning or not. On August 10, the Army was stonewalling TNR. They didn't get to talk to Beauchamp until nearly a month later. And the fact that after a month of browbeating from his chain of command Beauchamp "just want[ed] it to end" is hardly surprising either. We still don't know whether Beauchamp was telling the truth the first time around when he wrote his pieces for TNR or the second time around when he recanted under pressure from the Army.
Drum accused Drudge of only showing "snippets" of the documents, until a commenter pointed out that they were hot-linked. Other commenters call on Drum to admit he was wrong about Beauchamp all along.

UPDATE by Rusty: I just read through the transcripts. WOW! I was going to put up the relevant parts, but I see AllahP already has pretty much the same quotes that I was going to show. Check it out.

And it would really suck if every single person talking about this story didn't link the man who started it all Bob Owens: Drudge Scoops Docs to Sink TNR

Let the blogger triumphalism begin!

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin, as always, has plenty of links to follow, including one to the InstaP: Where have all the Beauchamp references gone at NR?

UPDATE: Michael Goldfarb, the other key player in trying to get TNR to address Beauchamp's fabrications, has now commented.

Just for the record, after reading what Beauchamp said to Foer and the New Republic, he comes off as a guy trying to do right by his fellow soldiers....trying to make ammends for the lies he told about them.

UPDATE by Rusty: Speculation running wild as to why Drudge pulled the documents off his server. I'm inclined to think that the large PDF files just were killing his bandwidth. But Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO says:

We're hearing from The New Republic that the Drudge story isn't the damning evidence it suggests to be ... stay tuned.
You've got to be kidding? NRO is circling the wagons? Even though the documents show that an official miliary investigation debunked all of Beuachamp's allegations?

As I've been telling some of my fellow bloggers behind the scenes, the documents are now in the public domain. So, for your convenience, here they are:

Document 1:

Document #2

Document #3

Er, how are these not damning?

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