October 20, 2007

NYT Lies About Limbaugh, Leaves Out Details

But of course, NYT reporter Stephanie Strom included the Media Splatters smear, practically lifted from their smear site:

After Rush Limbaugh referred to Iraq war veterans critical of the war as “phony soldiers,” he received a letter of complaint signed by 41 Democratic senators.
Except that he didn't do that, you twit.

Later on in the article, they try to include the "context (which Media Splatters conveniently left out)," and again FAIL:

Mr. Limbaugh has said that he was referring only to one soldier, who was critical of the war and had served only 44 days in the Army, never seeing combat.
Jesse Macbeth (it's called Google, Stephanie) accused the US Military of horrendous war crimes, said he'd been forced to kill women and children, was propped up as a hero by the anti-Bush, antiwar left, washed out of boot camp, and defrauded the VA by making false claims on his record. That's far more than "served 44 days and never saw combat." It was far worse than that, but leave it to the NYT to ignore the "details." It was so bad that Brian Ross and ABC News did a story - before the smear on Limbaugh- on PHONY SOLDIERS (click to watch the video).

GET. YOUR. FACTS. STRAIGHT. No wonder the NYT stock is plunging through the toilet.

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