October 18, 2007

AP Writer All Wistful and Nostalgic For Good Old Days Of 'Fragging'

Confederate Yankee notes that AP writer Estes Thompson seems to be mourning a lack of mutiny among American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in this story:

Both Roland and Anderson said today's all-volunteer military, compared with soldiers being forced into duty in Vietnam, is the primary reason why fragging attacks are almost nonexistent in Iraq and Afghanistan. The conditions in Iraq are also much less conducive to the crime, Roland said...

...In Vietnam, fragging increased as drafted troops became more demoralized during the conflict's later years.

That's one way to look at. Another way is that "fragging" was non-existent before the mainstream media of the time started turning against the war in 1969 (once it could be tagged to a Republican adminstration).

And, of course, current antiwar activists have been praying for fragging incidents for years.

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