October 17, 2007

In view of the fact that the Yemeni dictator is a qualified liar....

Guest Post, oped by "Abu Yemen" who asks to remain anonymous

Yemen Security Service Attempts To Mislead Others

It has been released by a Yemeni security source two days ago that the wanted Gamal Al Badawi was arrested in Aden. Al Badawi has been arrested for his role in planning and carrying out with others the attack on the USS Cole. After spending a long time in custody at a Sana’a prison, he was allegedly able to free himself with another twenty two Al Qaeda prisoners by digging a tunnel some hundred yards long. This story was spread by the Yemeni security authorities in an attempt to avoid rendering necessary answers to the FBI and CIA team that awaited for long to bring their mission on Cole to a conclusion.

The arrest of Badawi was also published in Al Ayyam daily today (Wednesday, October 17, 2007) and the French A.F.P. news agency a day earlier.

In view of the fact that the Yemeni dictator is a qualified liar, this particular event should not be taken its face value, but instead judged on previous records of systematic packages of lies and false information which have been fed to the Yemeni public and friendly governments.

Gamal Badawi is certainly a most wanted on security lists. He and other associates were at one time awarded with jobs within the Yemeni armed forces followed their participation in rallying behind President Saleh’s military confrontations with the Yemen Socialist Party, which use to run the South Yemeni government at one time. Al Badawi and his associates were in constant contact with senior Yemeni national security officers, namely (...), and many others.

It is believed that Al Badawi is a source of information that will incriminate the president and his men in serious terrorist activities in Yemen and maybe overseas. Nobody should therefore be surprised if Badawi is killed while attempted to escape his detention. I am sure if Badawi is interrogated outside Yemen and a deal is offered to him, he might reveal a substantial amount of information.

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