October 16, 2007

USS Cole Bomber Al-Badawi Surrenders In Yemen, UPDATE: Freed!!!


Otay. Cole bomber Jamal al-Badawi voluntarily surrendered to Yemeni security forces. I wonder if he is going to be under loose house arrest like Jaber Elbaneh. But its good he's in some kind of custody. This is a dangerous guy. He escaped from a jail in Aden in 2003 and from a jail in Sana'a in 2006.

From the website of Yemen's Ministry of Defense (26sep.net):

SANA'A.(26sep.net) - A security source affirmed that Jamal Al-Badawi, a leader in Al Qaeda and an escapee from the political security prison has surrendered himself to the security forces.

The source told "26sep.net" that Jamal Badawi, had escaped from prison twice in the first in Aden and from the political security prison in Sanaa within 23 persons of al-Qaeda members, where he voluntarily surrendered himself.
There's some kind of deal here. The question is who is getting what.

Update: HE IS FREE. Did I call it or what?

SANAA (AFP) Fugitive Al-Qaeda suspect Jamal al-Badawi, who was convicted for the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen that killed 17 American sailors, has surrendered to authorities, an official said Tuesday.

A witness in the southern port city of Aden said Badawi had been allowed to return to his home there....A witness in Aden told AFP Tuesday that Badawi had returned to his home there two days ago amid reports in the neighbourhood that authorities had allowed him to go home in return for a pledge not to engage in any violent or al-Qaeda-related activity.

So the 15 year jail term was just a show for the US, among many shows for the US, and this killer is free. Seventeen sailors died on the USS Cole and 49 were wounded, in 2000. During the next seven years, al-Badawi escapes jail twice, is well treated when in jail and then gets essentially a pardon, by our important partner in the WOT, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

In Yemen, there is no judicial penalty for killing US military personnel either in Yemen or in Iraq. The courts and the president endorse "wars of resistance". This is not a constraint of public opinion, not an effect of corruption or incompetence, no no, this is the policy and bias of Yemeni state institutions.

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