October 06, 2007

Pelosi Hasn't "Drained the Swamp" - She's Nurtured it

Another campaign promise broken, another lie, and another Democrat failure:

WHEN she took over as speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi said she would "drain the swamp" of political corruption. Then she proceeded to push to have her old friend Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., to be her right-hand man.

But Democrats balked. After all, Murtha was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Abscam scandal.

Still Murtha remains the leader of what can only be described as Earmarks Inc., a string of congressmen who have figured out how to use earmarks to benefit their campaigns and their families.

Earmarks are special projects that a lone congressman or senator inserts into the budget. They must be funded. Earmarks fund U.S. 35, but they also can force the military to buy aircraft because the factory is in a congressman's back yard.

There is a disturbing pattern of lobbyists raising money for congressmen who then steer earmarks to the clients of the lobbyists.

And some of those clients also are set up by the congressmen.

For example, Rep. Alan Mollohan, D-W.Va., set up five tax-exempt groups in West Virginia, including one headed by a former staff member.

Then Mollohan steered money to those groups. The FBI looked into those connections.

Mollohan is not alone.

The Scranton Times-Tribune reported that Democratic Congressman Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania steered $10 million to a company headed by four nephews and his daughter.

Kanjorski heads the House Subcommittee on Economic Growth and Credit Formation. The irony is that even with $10 million in earmarked contracts, the family business folded.

Read it all.

Much more on the Democrat Congressional Swamp-that-has-yet-to-be-drained-despite-Democrat-promises at BitsBlog.

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