October 05, 2007

Christianists: Jesus Washing bin Laden's Feet!


I guess the point is to show just how forgiving and loving Jesus is. He's so loving the he'll even wash Osama bin Laden's feet!

Sorry, I aint that kind of Christian. My Jesus would use nunchucks on Osama bin Laden. Or maybe rip his still beating heart out, Temple of Doom style.

This is the South Park Jesus. The one who boxed Satan and only won because the Satan threw the fight. The one who says to Chef when he asks Jesus for forgiveness for betting on Satan, "Aw, heck, do I have a choice?"

The posters were promoting a Christian evangelical tour of some sort from this group and hung at an Oregon mall. Needless to say, people were a little put off

Oregon News:

“No one is Judas in the picture, but the meaning is that Jesus would stoop to wash the feet of his enemies. The meaning is that in that painting of powerful world leaders -- and one powerful terrorist -- the one with all the power is ultimately Jesus.”

The purpose of the conference is to discuss the character of God, according to Cole.

“People opposed to this picture feel that God isn't that kind. We believe that he is,” Cole said.

In the Bible's Gospel of John, Jesus washes his disciples' feet prior to Judas's betrayal and urges the disciples to wash one another's feet going forward.

So, what's the point? Jesus will forgive bin Laden? What?

No, I don't think God is that kind. Not at all. Bin Laden is a mass-murderer. I don't believe in cheap repentance. In a God willing to forgive where no forgiveness is begged.

I don't necessarily believe in Dante's version of hell, or of the hell taught from most pulpits. But bin Laden makes me want to. If there is such a place, bin Laden deserves to be in it.

H/T: Allahakchew

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