September 28, 2007

Tucker/Menchaca Torturer/Murderer Killed! UPDATE: Now with VIDEO!

Bumped: Video added of Abu Usama al-Tunisi's hideout getting bombed in an airstrike. Video at the end of this post.

The man who lead the al Qaeda cell responsible for the brutal murders of Thomas Tucker and Kristian Menchaca has been killed. The group later released two videos showing the bodies of the two soldiers being desecrated.

The cell also killed Spc. David J. Babineau before they took Tucker and Menchaca hostage. Others in the cell had been previously killed or captured.

In fact, some time ago I was asked by the US military to send them a copy of the video to be turned over to Iraqi prosecutors in the case. I don't know what happened, but I pray they got the death sentence.

Literally hundreds of others in the military have asked for the video. Some of them knew the victims and felt they needed to see it for some sense of closure. Some of them were very close to the family. Some in the family.

Others wanted it so they could use it in training to show what our enemies are really like, as they portray themselves in their own propaganda videos.

The first of the two Tucker-Menchaca videos is so sickening, that it's hard to describe. But it includes a decapitated head. The second Tucker-Menchaca video shows the victims' bodies being dragged behind a truck and later lit on fire.

Death is too good for Abu Usama al-Tunisi and all those involved in the murders of Thomas Tucker and Kristian Menchaca. His death will not bring them back, but I will sleep with a smile on my face knowing this piece of filth has been sent to hell.

RIP: David J. Babineau, Thomas Tucker, and Kristian Menchaca

Below: DOD footage of Abu Usama al-Tunisi's hideout getting pwned!

Thanks to my friend Iraqi Translator Marine for uploading it and to GM for pointing out that there was video.

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