September 28, 2007

Media Splatters: Anotomy of A Smear

The Media Matters/MSNBC/DNC axis goes into full swing again with a tragically ludicrous, lying smearjob and gets a gross of eggs on its face.

The axis of stoopid tries to pretend that Rush Limbaugh trashing serial antiwarbot Democrat fraud "soldier" Jesse Macbeth, with whom we are all intimately familiar, was actually attacking "the phony troops" who disagree with the war.

Who else couldn't be bothered to find out the truth or the basic facts? Salon, many local TV stations and their "news" teams, John Kerry, Jim Webb, and on and on. You can watch the lie spread like a virus at Radio Equalizer, who's highlighted news and MSM coverage taken from the Media Splatters site with no fact-checking, no comment from the Limbaugh show, or anything. The idiots just ran with it.

That's two boners by MSNBC in three days, for those counting.

Facts? Meh. Honesty? Meh. Truth? Meh. As long as the Democrats benefit, meh.

Quote of the day:

"A lie will make it halfway around the world before the truth even gets its boots on." - Mark Twain

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