September 25, 2007

Stupid Jihadi Propaganda of the Day: R U Gay 2? (Yahoo! Hosting Terrorist Website)

The media arm of the The Islamic Front for the Iraqi Resistance (aka JAAMI) have produced an 18 minute long propaganda film called "SMS 2 US". The video shows a series of images along with text messages to the US from the group.

The message of the film seems to be "We R Gay. R U Gay 2?"

Tell me this isn't flaming........


Okay, actually the video is supposed to be a long message urging the U.S. to go home. It's all in English. It even features music from Jurassic Park & ET.

The video is being served from this website operated by the Baathist insurgents:

UPDATE 9/27/07
: PWND! Thanks to Yahoo! for the prompt response. The main Jaami website, though, continues to operate as of this writing. Scroll down for details.

And guess who runs the server? Yahoo! =
AltaVista Company (Owned by Yahoo!)

And since we've already PWND so many JAAMI websites, might as well get their main site taken down too. =
Schlund (Germany)

Bonus e-mail a terrorist:

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