September 21, 2007

Video: Alicia Silverstone NUDE!

alicia-silverstone_nude.jpgFinally, Alicia Silverstone NUDE. Remind me not to say that PETA is good for nothing ever again. They are good for something: getting naive, stupid, and hot* celebs to take their clothes off!

No, I wasn't searching for "Alicia Silverstone nude video", I was trying to see if my local cable company was playing the USC vs. Washington State game tomorrow and this just happened to be the top story at TV Guide.

And if you believe that, here's another one: Islam = peace**

I know a naked Alicia Silverstone urging you to go Vegan is some heavy propaganda, but please, don't go Vegan. You're a carnivore damnit!

Video & pics below: NSFW. Not Rated R, but probably Rated PG-13 for partial nudity--namely the hiney. But you probably shouldn't view it anyway.





*To be honest, I don't think Alicia Silverstone is that hot. I mean, she's regular hot, but not TV hot.

**actually, it's true. Not about Islam = peace, it doesn't, Islam means "submission". It's true I was searching for the game time at TV Guide's webpage.

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