September 18, 2007

Ansar al-Sunnah Murders Two Iraqis

After a long absence, Ansar al-Sunnah has released another of it's disgusting snuff videos. In the video, two Muslims are labeled apostates and murdered for working for the Iraqi government.The following is the Google translation of the statement released with the tape.

Confessions 2 Cronies government apostasy and establish the rule of Allah including Baghdad

Thank Allah Mu'izzaddin Islam and Muslims, humiliating infidel and apostates, peace and prayers be on the Mujahideen, Commander presentation Mahglin Alihok fighting, and his family and companions and marched on the approach and guided to Bahdehem on religion .. After:

Almighty said: (O people had come admonition of the Lord and healing in the hearts and guidance, and mercy for believers) [Yunus: 57]

We offer you the tape shows photographed confessions of two of Cronies government apostasy Rafidiyah been arrested Pkemen arbitrator by the Mujahideen brothers heroes black supporters in the capital Baghdad, former Iraqi working at the Center for Counter-Terrorism (combat uniform and Sunni) and the other works for the Ministry of Defense feedback, this tape shows the moment including the implementation of the rule of Allah, shot by a court order and legitimacy revenge every Muslim and Sunni unarmed and caught for example Drossiness angry,

The video is interesting because the first man in the video sings a nasheed. A nasheed is an Islamic hymn. The second man in the video is breathing heavily and shows a bloody nose. I suspect that he was beaten just prior to the camera taking his confession.

After the singing and the display of identification, the men are placed bound in an alley and shot in the head. The man on the left flinches and screams as the first shot misses him. The murderer follows with three more shots. Both men are left dead in the alley.

So here are two more Muslims, working for the future of their country, brutally murdered by the terrorist group Ansar al-Sunnah. I pray these murderers are caught the the deaths of these men avenged.

The murdered men's names were Ali Athim Abdul Aziz and Rahim Abdul Reza.

Frame grabs and video below the fold. (some graphic images)










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