September 18, 2007

Korean Christian Hostage Mastermind Killed!

Good news, the Taliban commander who was responsible for the kidnapping of South Korean Christian missionaries--and the subsequent murder of two of them--has been killed.

Revenge. She is a bitch.


Mullah Abdullah Jan, the Taliban commander of Qara Bagh district in Ghazni province, was among the 12 killed in the strike on a mud-brick housing compound overnight, said Ghazni provincial police chief Gen. Ali Shah Ahmadzai.

Jan watched as his fighters stopped and kidnapped a tour bus full of South Koreans in July, Ahmadzai said. Officials previously said they had killed another commander behind the kidnappings, a Mullah Mateen, but Ahmadzai said Jan was higher-ranking.

Kill all the Taliban, let Allah sort them out.

Thanks to GM.

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