September 18, 2007

"Help me kill those who offended the Prophet" UPDATED

I'd call death threats against those who have the audacity to blaspheme the Muslim prophet Mohamed alarming. But it's not. In fact, it's quite predictable. Since Islam recognizes no distinction between sin and crime than anything deemed blasphemous would be considered criminal.

And what is the penalty for unrepentant blasphemers under Islamic law? Death.

Flemming Rose writes from Copenhagen about death threats against blasphemers and apostates in Europe and 'moderate' Muslims trying to stifle free speech.

Notice this posted at the al Firdaws forum last year:

“Help me kill thos who offended the Prophet”:

“I am looking for fastkilling poison. I’ll do it myself, and Allah will witness what I say.” has recently been PWNED.....

UPDATE: Image courtesy of David of Lunde Designs.

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