September 14, 2007

GIMF Jihad in Canada-Austria Update

Yesterday we reported that a Canadian had been arrested because of his relationship with three Austrian members of the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF). What I missed was the name of the Canadian GIMFer.

Via LGF we learn that his name is Said Namouh, age 35.

According to this Globe and Mail article Namouh is a Canadian resident of Moroccan decent. He uses the alias "Nashraf" in his online activities. He's also been arrested for breaking and entering recently, but has yet to be tried.

It appears that Namouh flew to Austria to meet with the would be jihadis who were building a car bomb.

What I also didn't realize was that GIMF probably wasn't started in Germany--which has been it's main base of operation for several years--but in Canada.

The group appears to have its roots in a now defunct Yahoo group called "Global Islamic Media". That group is alleged to have ties with Islamic militant Ramzi Ahmed Yousef through its founder, Abu Banan.

Abu Banan once ran a website which listed the address of the organization in Quebec, Canada.

And where was Said Namouh detained? Quebec.

Oh, there are many more dots to connect here. Including the fact that the "Global Islamic Media" group is where Irhabi (terrorist) 007 seems to have got his start.

And that the "Global Islamic Media" group was shut down by Yahoo after they predicted an event which would force the Spaniards to elect a government which would withdraw troops from Iraq.

Much more here.

I've opened up a new archive since I believe there will be a lot more news about GIMF very soon. GIMF archive here.

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