September 14, 2007

Another al Qaeda Vid? The Ghazwa on Manhattan and Washington

Jay from Stop the ACLU wrote me in regards to a possible third al Qaeda vid being released sometime soon. As I read the description of the new "al Qaeda" video, something seemed, er, familiar.

The video is said to feature al Qaeda's number one man in Afghanistan Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid and:

The tape also features a montage of images showing the burning World Trade Center towers in New York and individuals such as Saudi King Abdullah
Which is odd, since just yesterday Laura Mansfield intercepted a video featuring al-Yazid and sent it to me.

I'm guessing it's the same video. You can watch it here. In which case a) we already have it b) you can watch the whole thing below c) it's not an al Qaeda produced video, but a GIMF production.

If it turns out to be a different video, we'll try to let you know that too. But I'm pretty sure it's the same one. And, as I said yesterday:

Frankly the video isn't all that interesting. A lot of footage of Osama bin Laden, but none of it new. They actually sample the sound the Tardus makes from Doctor Who, which is kind of funny. GIMF also sports a shiny new logo.
The difference between al Qaeda's "as Sahab" production company and "GIMF" may not seem that important--they both produce jihad propaganda.

But three members of GIMF have recently been arrested in Austria and one in Canada. I'm sorry to say that we can't say the same thing about as Sahab's chief, American traitor Adam Gadahn.

I can see why SITE and Intel Center thought this was an "as Sahab" video--or the reporter misconstrued their words. For some odd reason, as Sahab is announcing this GIMF video. It's almost as if Adam Gadahn has some kind of relationship with GIMF........

It also makes me wonder how come the Middle East Online isn't a subscriber to Laura's Strategic Translations.

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