September 14, 2007

Kent State Prof Praises 9/11 "Martyrs"?

I'd say it was unbelievable, but I'd be lying. It's completely and utterly believable.

Mike Adams:

It was a nice, peaceful morning until I received an email from someone claiming to be Professor Julio Pino of Kent State University....

“The martyr has no time for peace; no time to be cynical, or pessimistic.”

“The Muslim world is poetic, and the greatest of all epics is martyrdom.“Laa ‘ilaaha ‘illallahu (There is none worthy of worship but Allah) must be on his dying lips that he may enter Paradise. Not by chance did Mohammed Atta’s ‘Instructions for the Final Night’ counsel him [sic] make these his last words before crashing into the World Trade Center. Amen.”

Pino has not responded to Mike's simple request that he deny being behind the e-mail.

Thanks to once-a-Jawa-always-a-Jawa See-Dubya at Hot Air.

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