September 13, 2007

Al Qaeda Releases Another Maj. Troy Gilbert Desecration Video


A new English subtitled video released by al Furqan on behalf of the Islamic State of Iraq, an al Qeda front group, claims to show the body of Major Troy Gilbert. The Jawa Report has obtained a copy of the video.

I think there's a Geneva Convention violation here, but don't expect any protest from the usual suspects.

Gilbert was killed when his F-16 crashed near Karma, approximately 20 miles NW of Baghdad on Nov. 27 2006. The al Qaeda front group claimed that it had downed Gilbert's F-16, but the cause of the crash remains unknown.

The day after the crash a gruesome video showing Gilbert's body being disrespected by what were described as "locals" by the MSM emerged. The video shows the remains of the plane being stepped on in a sign of disrespect.

Gilbert's body is seen nearby with his parachute deployed. It is not clear whether he died during ejection or if he was later murdered. Al Qaeda operatives are known to murder pilots they capture.

The new video shows what appears to be the corpse after it has been dug up. An identification card belonging to Gilbert also appears.

It's very gruesome. I hope they catch whoever made the video and give him what he deserves.

The general theme of the video is that the reason Troy Gilbert and other Americans are dead is because of Bush's "deceit". "Why was Gilbert killed?", a masked man on the video asks, "And the reason is Bush!".

It's not clear what "deceit" they are talking about. Perhaps the "deceit" that if we leave too soon, it will become a safe haven for al Qaeda? You know, since this is a video produced by al Qaeda intended to demoralize Americans so that we will leave thus creating a safe haven for them to continue their work of setting up the Islamic State in Iraq.

Sickening irony was not invented by al Qaeda in Iraq, only perfected.

The video also tries to make Major Troy Gilbert into a war criminal. It shows the bodies of children being taken from the rubble of homes. "Who is the one who destroyed them? It was Gilbert," it proclaims.

Not shown in the video are the thousands of innocent civilians intentionally targeted by al Qaeda bombers in public market places, mosques, and homes. Nor is there any mention that al Qaeda has become so unpopular in Anbar lately because of the hundreds of murders of civilians for such "crimes" as smoking cigarettes, listening to Western music, or working for the democratically elected government of Iraq. Also not seen are the children forced by al Qaeda to watch their fathers murdered and their mothers raped.

I have screencaps from the video posted below. Warning: I have not posted graphic images from the video showing the corpse, but they will make your blood boil.

If you feel you must watch this sickening propaganda, please e-mail me and I'll send you the video.




Thanks to Laura Mansfield for alerting me on this.

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