September 13, 2007

More on Arrested Austrian al Qaeda Supporter--Leftist Ties

Mohammed_Mahmoud_March13-2006.jpgA friend sent this to Aaron at Internet Hagana who forwarded it to me since he knows how much I despise the pro-al Qaeda propagandists at the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF). Thanks to dm+ for putting this background information on arrested GIMF operative Mohammed Mahmoud from open source material. I've redacted some of the information, such as Mahmoud's telephone number and address from it.

Mohammed MAHMOUD is an Austrian citizen of Egyptian origin (second generation immigrant), born 1985 in Austria. He an unemployed school drop-out active in the Austrian Islamic scene under the name "Amir".

In 2003 he undertook, invited by the Saddam-Regime, a trip to Iraq which was organized as well by “Antiimperialist Camp”. Media reports also read that he visited “terror training camps” twice in either Afghanistan or Pakistan, but authorities do not confirm this.

Back in Austria he runs the “Islamische Jugend Österreich” (Islamic Youth Austria), a small radical Islamic group in opposition not only to western values, but also to mainstream Muslim organizations in Austria.

In the photo below, taken on March 18, 2006, he gave an interview during a demonstration staged in VIENNA protesting the 3rd anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom, which was organized by the “Antiimperialist Camp”, an Austrian far left/anarchist organization.


In September 2006 he called for a boycott of elections in Austria and has been under investigation by Austrian authorities since then.

In November 2006 a fake bomb was found in front of an office of the “Muslimische Jugend Österreich” (Muslim Youth Austria -the official youth organization of the Islamic faith community) and he was investigated again, but later it turned out that this one was planted by an Austrian convert to Islam.

In March 09, 2007 a propaganda video produced of the German branch of the “Globale Islamische Medien Front” (GIMF) appeared in which Germany and Austria were threatened if they would not withdraw their troops from Afghanistan (note: Austria actually has only three commissioned officers deployed in KABUL under UN mandate with ISAF).

The video showed an exceptional good knowledge of Austrian domestic policy, e.g. asking to use money spent for this mission better to use to get rid of tuition fees, which were just invented by the new government.

The video uploaded by The Jawa Report can be seen here.

On March 13, 2007 he gave using the name “Musab” an interview to public TV explaining goals of the German branch of GIMF (see photo upper right).

Reportedly he recently tried to “order” weapons and explosive material. MAHMOUD was detained together with his wife Muna (born 1987) and a third suspect, the 26yrs old "Shakr A.", a Muslim convert, on September 12, 2007 under suspicion of supporting a terrorist organization and making terrorist threats.

The group is probably best known for the release of the terrorist "training" video game, "The Night of Bush Capturing", but they are quite prolific. They once ran an online TV station call the "Caliphate Voice Channel" and have known ties to several terrorist organizations, including al Qaeda. Just today GIMF released a video praising 9/11.

More on the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) and its relationship with this case here.

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