September 13, 2007

GIMF Video: The Attacks on New York and Washington

Coming soon to a jihadist computer near you: a new video from the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) celebrating the 9/11 attacks. UPDATE: Video added.

The audio on the video matches that from the "preview" an announcement of the upcoming release called it The Blessed Invasion of Manhattan and promised a "special gift" for 9/11. That announcement lead the FBI to investigate the possibility that it was a warning of an upcoming attack on 9/11.

While the video has not yet been officially released, it was intercepted by Laura Mansfield. We'll get the video up as soon as time allows. UPDATE: Video added below.

When two new bin Laden videos were released after that--one of them on 9/11--every one assumed that the "special gift" was the video. But it appears that this is the "special gift" that was announced.

Frankly the video isn't all that interesting. A lot of footage of Osama bin Laden, but none of it new. They actually sample the sound the Tardus makes from Doctor Who, which is kind of funny. GIMF also sports a shiny new logo.

What is interesting is the timing of the video's upcoming release. Yesterday three members of GIMF were arrested in Austria.

GIMF is the European arm of al Qaeda's online jihad. They tend to produce videos and magazines using preexisting material from al Qaeda in Afghanistan/Pakistan's as Sahab or al Qaeda in Iraq's al Furqan.

Here are a few vidcaps




Here's the video.

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