September 08, 2007

Alex Jones Arrested (Released, Blames NWO...)

The leather-lunged, bull-horn wielding nutbar Twoofer king himself was arrested outside Fox News today for disrupting a Geraldo broadcast. No - he didn't spit on them:

During the program which was being broadcast outdoors, Rivera first told the protesters to "get a life" when they first began assembling behind him during his show. Later on in the show Rivera referred to the group of protesters that organized behind him as an anarchist group and even referenced the Jones arrest live on air. Jones could be heard prior to his arrest on the live Fox News broadcast shouting through a bullhorn saying "9/11 was an inside job" with the rest of the protesters. No word on if that's why he was arrested, but since New York City requires a permit to use a bullhorn that is a likely scenario.

UPDATE: Here's some video from the event (wild and wooly!):

UPDATE II: The NWO released Jones! Fascism!

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