September 07, 2007

Need Help: Al Qaeda Website Wants You to Take Them Down (UPDATED: PWNED!!)


Updated by Howie: World News Network is now completely off-line. and are both dead. Thanks to Jawa readers for all the help in taking them down.

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After we successfully got two separate DNS services to stop doing business with the al Qaeda in Iraq linked World News Network, I figured I'd just let them be for awhile. The way a Domain Name Server works is that when you type in a name to the url box--say it tells your browser to retrieve the information from an IP--like How many of you actually could find the Jawa without a named url?

Without DNS, a website is effectively dead. Or so I thought. WNN put this up as a way of getting the word out. Now I'm mad.


Once this gets passed around long enough, with or without DNS, the jihadis at WNN will once again be one of the largest and most popular pro-al Qaeda support forums on the internet. Unless of course you help me take them down.

Just so you understand the depths of their depravity and just how close they are to al Qaeda in Iraq, check out their main archive featured near the top of nearly every one of their pages.


Again, al Furqan is to al Qaeda in Iraq what as Sahab is to al Qaeda in Afghanistan/Pakistan. Just in case there are some doubters, here's MNF confirmation.

So, let's get these bastards off the internet. For good.

Last bit of motivation. Here's an image found on WNN and posted by the Global Islamic Media Foundation (GIMF). If this doesn't piss you off, I don't know what will.

Please e-mail or call and let them know who they are doing business with.

WNN= -
Hosted by: TIME Telecommunications
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Azmy Mohamad Yusof

Malaysia is fast becoming the country of choice for the internet jihad. If any one knows how to get hold of Malaysian law enforcement, please let me know.

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