September 04, 2007

Fred Polling First in Arizona, Bests Front Runners in Texas Straw Poll

Fred's getting good news from Arizona:

Arizona is the home state for John McCain, but Fred Thompson is the strongest GOP Presidential candidate in the state at this time.

A Rasmussen Reports telephone survey found that Thompson leads Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton by seventeen percentage points, 51% to 34%. Thompson will be formally announcing his candidacy this week.

In other news, Fred managed a "surprising" and "unexpected" showing at the Texas Straw Poll this weekend:
FORT WORTH Rep. Duncan Hunter of California will go down as the official winner of the first-ever Texas Republican straw poll.

But what followers of politics will be talking about is former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson's second-place finish.

His strong showing cements the actor turned presidential contender as the conservative alternative to front-runners like former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Arizona Sen. John McCain...

Not bad for a candidate who didn't make any personal overtures to Texas voters because he wasn't officially in the race.

His band of Texas "Fred Heads" picked up the slack, calling more than 3,000 potential delegates before the straw poll began. And only the ubiquitous backers of Rep. Ron Paul of Lake Jackson bested the Fred Heads' enthusiasm during the event.

Pics of the FredHead presence here.

In other news, the FredHeads have some "FRED 2008" bumper stickers available for FREE. First come, first served.

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