September 04, 2007

Danes Thwart Bomb Plot UPDATED/BUMPED

(Copenhagen, Denmark) With sketchy details, it's reported that Danish Police intelligence service (PET) arrested several people early today for planning a bomb attack somewhere in Copenhagen.

"The arrests are the result of prolonged surveillance of the persons concerned who are suspected of preparing a terrorist act with the use of explosives," PET said in a statement received by AFP.

The arrests were carried out around the Danish capital.

PET did not say how many people were under arrest or give their nationalities.

I'll make a wild stab and guess that those arrested were Muslim.


From BBC:

The eight suspects arrested late on Monday in Copenhagen form part of a terror cell with links to a senior al-Qaeda figure, police said.

The suspects, aged between 19 and 29, were of Afghan, Pakistani, Somali and Turkish origin, police said.

Apparently, my stab wasn't so wild.

UPDATE by Rusty: Hmmmm, related? A couple of years ago a group calling themselves 'The Glory Brigades of Northern Europe' threatened to attack Denmark.

That threat came on the heels of the original Mohammed cartoons. Could today's bust be related to the most recent set of Muhamed cartoons published in Sweden? Authorities are denying that today's arrests had anything to do with the cartoons, but if you read what they're saying, it's not that the plot had nothing to do with the cartoons, only that the arrests weren't catalyzed by them.

I'll also remind readers that members of their is a deep rooted connection between jihadis in Sweden and those in Denmark.

UPDATE: The bomb was made from TATP. That's the same explosive used in the London bombings. See above pic for why that may be relevant.

Thanks to Larwyn.


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