September 03, 2007

NY Muslim Posts Daniel Pearl Parody on Youtube

jawa_daniel_pearl.jpgAmerican Muslim convert Yousef al-Khattab, born Joseph Cohen, has posted yet another offenisve Daniel Pearl related video proving that he is one of the sickest individuals at Youtube...and also the dumbest.

The video shows a Boba Fett clone action figure getting beheaded by ......wait for it..... Sandpeople! A Jawa watches as the Tusken Raiders kill the clone.

You just can't make this stuff up! Is Khattab that stupid to not get it that this video is supposed to be offensive to Muslims? Yes, he is. He might want to read my Jawas explained: a guide to My Pet Jawa.

What makes the video so offensive isn't the stupid Star Wars action figures--that alone would be kind of funny in that sort of South Park way. It's the fact that it actually uses sounds from the Daniel Pearl murder video that makes it disgusting.

Joseph Cohen, you are a dumbass. A sick one. Video below. Thanks to Ari for the tip.

Definitely NSFW and definitely disgusting.

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