September 02, 2007

Kos to Kosbots: You Trolls are Morons, Morons

UPDATE: The original diary by the barking moonbat "Maccabee" that started the commotion has been pulled. Too embarrassing, huh? What a joke.

Charles has a screenshot.
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OMG - much hilarity and self-pwnage at Daily Kos.

Summary: A Daily Kos barking moonbat rifles off a breathless post suggesting, with irrefutable hard evidence from a friend in the military, that BOOSH is going to strike Iran.

Confederate Yankee, calls bullsh*t, refutes the source's "hard evidence" and shoots it full of more holes than Beauchamp's bullsh*t diaries.

Kos, realizing that we're laughing at them quite hysterically, reprimands the "reality-based" morons on his site for being so damned gullible.

More pwnage from Josh Trevino.

ake, for example, one pseudonymous fellow at DailyKos who goes by “Maccabee.” He claimed to meet a Romanian cabbie who told him to leave Bush’s tyrannical America; he claimed to meet a Holocaust survivor who told him that Bush’s America resembles Nazi Germany; he claimed to meet another cabbie, Ugandan this time, who told him that Bush’s America is worse than Idi Amin’s Uganda; he claimed to have received a phone call from Balad, Iraq, revealing that the majority of the American Army’s mechanized strength is “out of commission”; and today, he claimed to have received a telephone call from an American aircraft carrier on deployment, revealing that the United States Navy is about to attack Iran. Oh, and he also learned that the naval rank and file detest George W. Bush, too.

The final deathknell for this Kos diarist is here, from a Navy fighter pilot.

Bwahahaha! The evil hand of Darth Rove still decides the fate of the chess pieces!

BONUS: A commenter at CF notes that a Kosbot is actually citing Truthout as a source to validate this nonsense. Truthout? Well, now I'm convinced!

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