September 03, 2007

American Muslim Threatens Rusty UPDATED/BUMPED

On Friday I challenged members of the Global Islamic Media Front to "come and get us". GIMF is an al Qaeda support group located in Germany. Like most of the cyberjihadis they are a bunch of sissies who speak of themselves as if they were engaged in actual jihad rather than the cyber version of it. They claim to be warriors but the last time I checked making "Best of al Qaeda in Iraq" videos isn't exactly dangerous work.

So, I wasn't surprised when someone took me up on the invitation.

Well, Dr. Rusty, maybe it is time we come for you and for other persecutors of Muslims. Many of these are in the news, and we know where they are.

CH | 09.01.07 - 9:46 am

Ah, a real life death threat....on the internet....very brave, once again. But what is surprising is that CH is in the U.S..

AT&T Internet Services (SW Bell)

Most likely location: Texas

UPDATE: I only had a couple of minutes to write the original post. Notice I said most likely location....that means I wasn't 100% sure.

Gilbert Jonathan Garcia, Webb Girl and Wearyman believe that CH is actually in Ohio. GJC traces it to Cleveland but Wearyman, Webb Girl, another friend to Brecksville, which is a suburb of Cleveland.

And just to make it clear, I don't take this threat seriously at all. It's just par for the course for the pussies at GIMF and other internet jihadis to make such idle threats.

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