September 02, 2007

More on the Haditha "Massacre," and the MSM's Flawed Narrative...

Borrowing heavily from Karl at PW, who's done the heavy lifting, we rewind to when the Haditha story broke.

It was covered as a massacre, and the US troops were automatically guilty - a new "My Lai," as it were. Multiple articles in TIME (here, here and here) gleefully and breathlessly reporting the incident with no indication as to the Marine's rights to fair trial and to challenge the charges against them (which later resulted in the exonerations of several of those same Marines), as did the WaPo, NYT, the networks in general, and particularly the Tiffany network at CBS, ABC, and PBS.

No similar full-court press, however, for their exonerations and their full clearings.

Where is the full court press announcing the exoneration and innocence of the majority of the soldiers in this incident?

Where is the aggressive questioning of such charlatans as John Murtha (D) as to their premature convictions without trials of these Marines in the court of political opinion?

There certainly was a full-court media press trying to convict them, and now that the case appears to be falling apart quicker than Hillary Clinton's chances of winning the presidency, where is the full-court media press for their exonerations?

Shouldn't it be leading the newscasts on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and in the NYT, TIME magazine, the WaPo, and others?


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