August 31, 2007

Al Qaeda in Europe Recruiting Cyberjihadis, Whine About CIA Plot to Take Down Islamist Websites

Is it just me, or has al Qaeda in Europe's online jihad brigade at The Global Islamic Media Front [GIMF] become a bunch of whiny bitches? Seriously, these guys make the Taliban Marys look like Larry Craigs--you know, kinda butch but still ghey.

In a short-lived online announcement today (tragically cut short by the unfortunate death of the website) GIMF announced that it was seeking Muslims willing to fight the online jihad. The call was part of a longer post explaining what the online jihad is, why it is important, how the internet is used in the physical jihad, and lamenting the fact that so many pro-terror websites had been taken offline lately.

No doubt they had in mind their own Wordpress hosted websites, the last of which seems to have disappeared.......

In today's statement GIMF pointed to a concerted campaign at pressuring webhosts to take down jihadi forums and websites. That effort, they admit, is paying off. In addition to an unnamed individual and the 'mercenaries' this person has been able to marshal for the 'harassment' effort, GIMF also claims the CIA and FBI are now involved in counter-cyber-jihad efforts.

GIMF claims that the CIA and FBI are organizing conferences on how to fight the cyber jihad. They have also recruited Arab intelligence agencies in the effort, naming [the British-Zionist built] Jordan and Egypt specifically.

Triumphantly they declare that for every cyber-jihadi arrested 1000-3000 more will take their place. Maybe, but since arresting the cyber-jihadis isn't the only option, one has to wonder how many Salafi geeks sitting at a computer in Mommy's basement are really ready to go that far?

Recently, the group noted that Abu 'Abdallah Al-Maqdisi, webmaster of the Al-Nusra Al-Jihadiyya website, had been killed by Lebanese forces. Soooo, sad. That's odd, I don't see 1,000 cyber mujahideen volunteering to take al-Maqdisi's spot.

These guys claim they are real mujahidin, just like their compatriots fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, and Somalia. It's about time they were reminded that law enforcement isn't generally the model we use to fight wars.

Here we are GIMFers. Come and get us. We know you're in Germany, so it shouldn't be too hard to hop on over here. Just remember that in the US we have guns.

Q: With more and more complaints similar to this from the online jihad community, have we finally turned a corner in the cyber war?

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