August 31, 2007

World's Shortest Lived al Qaeda Website

Looks like the World News Network lost its DNS service.....again. This time they were only online for two days before *someone* noticed and pwned them. The website was registered on 8/29/2007 but as of two minutes ago it has somehow vanished.

Oh, and you won't find the al Qaeda linked propaganda outlet masquerading as a "news service" at their old website either.

Just to clarify, this isn't some small time operation...not just some blog with a small readership. This is one of the biggest propaganda outlets out there. And it's directly linked to al Qaeda in Iraq.

So, if you would like to help Rusty buy his wife dinner so she won't be so pissed that he spends so much time fighting these vile websites, please feel free to donate.

If you can't spare the change, how about at least leaving a comment or maybe a link? I could use the ego boost.

UPDATE: Now with "Donger need food" image (stolen from W. Zip) to reiterate the point.


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