August 31, 2007

De Palma's Vile Propaganda

I think this says it all about Brian De Palma's latest film on U.S. troop abuse of Iraqis:

"The pictures are what will stop the war. One only hopes that these images will get the public incensed enough to motivate their Congressmen to vote against this war," he said. [source]
In the film: U.S. soldiers doing bad things but who are later arrested and prosecuted for their crimes.

Not in De Palma's film: Our Islamists enemies beheading civilians and the celebrating their murders as the will of God.

Our side condemns and prosecutes the same actions our enemies celebrate, and yet Leftists like De Palma equivocate between the two and are okay with our enemies winning?

UPDATE: It gets worse. Geoff notes that al Qaeda beheadings are in the film. But, who does De Palma blame? Us, of course! That's the context of the whole movie. The point of the movie. The war must end.

As if the U.S. withdrawing would somehow end al Qaeda beheadings. Sure, there would be no more deaths of American soldiers in Iraq at the hands of al Qaeda. But since the vast majority of people murdered by al Qaeda, Ansar al Sunna, the Islamic Army in Iraq, and other groups are Iraqis then the horrible killings won't stop. In fact, far more people will be murdered by the Salafi and Khomeinist Islamists than now.

To the Left and in this film, I'm sure:

When we do bad things: our fault
When our enemies do bad things: our fault

There's really no winning.

UPDATE: Confederate Yankee has similar reactions.

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