August 30, 2007

Terror in Tampa: Suspects Linked to Another Plot?

UPDATE 8/31: Terror charges filed! Thanks to MM for the link.

Whether or not that jihad was going to be waged in the U.S. or abroad is still a mystery. As I said in this post yesterday, the fact that the Feds want DNA from these characters means they suspect that at least one of them is involved in some other plot. The terror charges today tell us nothing about what that plot was.

Despite what you learned on CSI, it will take some time before the DNA can be processed and compared to another sample. Think days or weeks rather than hours. Expect more charges to be filed at a later time against at least one of them. These charges may be the tip of the iceberg.

Updates here. Original post follows

Fellow Jawa Tim from Opinion Bug brings word that the case is definitely not closed on two University of South Florida Muslim students, Youssef & Ahmed Megahed. The two were arrested near the Goose Creek Naval Weapons Station on charges that they were carrying explosive devices.

Tampa Tribune:

A federal grand jury in Tampa is asking for DNA and hair samples from a University of South Florida student jailed four weeks ago in South Carolina on explosives charges, his attorney said.
What the hell would they want DNA evidence for unless they were implicated in some other plot? I mean, we know they were in the car with the explosives. So, the Grand Jury must be trying to figure out if they were also somewhere else doing something else and the DNA would link them to that other place.

But just what is that other place and what is it that they are suspected of doing in that other place?

Federal court records show that [Noor] Salhab leased the house in the early 1990s to World and Islam Studies Enterprise, a think tank run by Sami Al-Arian, the former USF professor accused of funding Palestinian terrorist organizations.
Michelle Malkin notes that that organization was convicted terror supporter Sami Al-Arian's World and Islam Studies Enterprise.

The plot thickens. I am beginning to come up with a few crazy theories about just what these two were doing. And none of them involve trying to attack the Goose Creek Naval Weapons Station with a bunch of illegal fireworks. But all of them have something to do with the pair's computers being seized by the the FBI.

And what would a terror investigation be without an appearance by CAIR?

Also appearing before the grand jury Wednesday was Ahmed Bedier, who has been a spokesman for the Megahed family. Bedier is executive director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations and a frequent media spokesman for Muslims and Islamic causes....

Bedier declined to answer questions about his testimony, saying he wanted to check with the national headquarters of CAIR about what he was allowed to say.

Hmmmm, so does CAIR know something here or what?

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