August 28, 2007

F.A.G.: You Can't Even ACT With Israelis

clooney_team_america.jpgActors, is there anything they don't know? Members of the Egyptian branch of the Film Actors Guild are mad that an Arab would appear in the same film as an Israeli. I guess when Egypt 'normalized' relations with Israeli that it didn't include Egyptian actors being allowed in the same film as Israelis.


The trade union of Egyptian actors threatened today actor Amr Waked with a ban of shooting films in Egypt if he plays together with his Israeli colleague in a TV film. A rising star of Egyptian cinema, Amr Waked was chosen to play the part of a son-in-law of Saddam Hussein in the TV film, a BBC and HBO co-production "Between the Two Rivers", about the life of former Iraqi dictator, who is played by Israeli actor Yigal Naor.
Waked, for his part, whines that he didn't know he would be working with a J-O-O, that he can't get out of his contract now, and besides, he argues, the film is critical of U.S. foreign policy and isn't that all that matters anyways? No joke.

Waked played in Syriana opposite George Clooney (pictured above from Team America: World Police). No complaint from Egyptian actors on that one.....

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