August 28, 2007

Michelle : Larry Craig = "Lying Crapweasel"

Michelle weighs in:

He’s not just a weasel.

He’s a lying crapweasel.

Should he resign? Well, yeah. If he cared about the dignity of his office, he would. But he obviously doesn’t, does he?

OK, I'm not sure "crapweasel" is really a word, but it sounds like an appropriate moniker for a good chunk of our national politicians on both sides of the aisle.

With 1,034 votes cast so far in Michelle's poll asking "Should Larry Craig resign?," the emphatic "Hell Yes" has garnered 56%, followed by "They're all crapweasels" at 21% and the simple yet timeless "Yes" at 20%.

The stalwart "11th Commandment" contingent weighs in at a small but respectable 3%. Bless their hearts...

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