August 24, 2007

Castro is Dead....Again (UPDATED)

Final update 7/25: Castro is not dead.

UPDATE: Sources tell me that Castro is dead. I'm now getting more people who are telling me that Castro has died and that an official announcement is coming soon.

Val Prieto will probably have the news before me.

Commenters, e-mailers and Val are reporting that South Florida law enforcement are on some kind of alert and are preparing for a flood of immigrants...

Knock on wood, keep fingers crossed that this time the rumors will be true. But, don't get your hopes too high.


UPDATE 2:37: I'm listening to 610WIOD Miami and Schnitt, who is on the air, has a guest on from the local Fox News affiliate now reporting that the US government is officially denying the report and contacts in Cuba say police are not mobilized nor are police in South Florida.

UPDATE 3:37: Time for the announcement was 4 pm.....and that time has come and gone. Perez Hilton still thinks its coming, but I doubt it.

UPATE 4:26: Fox News reporting that the White House is denying that Castro is dead.

UPDATE 4:47: Estancia Cubana also claims Castro is dead.

What's interesting is that every one who keeps telling me that Castro is dead also links Castro's death to an official announcement today. They believe Castro died some days ago but that the Cuban government wanted to wait until today to let the news out.

If you happen to have any information or links, please leave in the comments.

Original post

Rumors that Castro is dead are circulating again. It's like clockwork, these rumors of Castro's death. Every four months or so. And for some reason I get a flood of e-mail every time Castro is rumored to have died.

So, for the record, as far as I know, Castro is not dead. But it won't be long now. I'll just have to wait a little longer before finally visiting my Dad's childhood home in Havana.

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