August 23, 2007

NYC Muslim Calls Korean Hostages "Terrorists", Smiles at thought of Daniel Pearl Style Beheading

American Muslim convert and New York City native Yousef al-Khattab outdoes himself and compares the Korean hostages to "terrorists" and suggests that because they are guilty of the "crime" of trying to convert Muslim children that they are worthy of Daniel Pearl's death--beheading.

Khattab's Youtube account was suspended because of outrage generated by LGF and other blog readers, including this one, over remarks praising the murder of Daniel Pearl. It looks like al-Khattab has stealthily reentered the Youtube community as SeeFourAtUrDoor. We know this is Khattab because it has his photo up (image right) and also a link to his website where the video is embedded and labeled "Korean Terrorist Crusaders in Afghanistan".

In his Youtube description of the video which shows Afghan children reciting Christian prayers and singing songs, Khattab, who was born Joseph Cohen before converting from Judaism to Islam and taking a new name, says:

Don't fool yourselves the Taliban are not barbarians like the US & it's coalition forces NAY, these Korean Crusaders were tried and sentenced just as the spy Daniel Pearl was. No apology from this Muslim, rather a BIG smile and lots of Duaa (supplications) for my Taliban brothers in Islam.

P.S. I neither support nor condone the Taliban.

He doesn't support them, but it makes him smile to think that the Taliban will behead these civilian hostages? And he asks for prayers for the Taliban, who he, you know, "doesn't support"?

How long before Youtube suspends Khattab's account this time? Hopefully sooner than all the other awful jihadi supporters on Youtube.

I had seen this video several times before on Islamic forum, all with similar reactions, but hadn't thought twice about it until Howie pointed out that Khattab had it up at his website and Youtube page with his despicable comments.

I'm not saying that trying to convert children to ones religion is the best way for any type of missionary to go--Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or whatever-- but for whatever lack of class that might show it certainly isn't something worthy of death.

Of course, Islam alone officially prescribes the death penalty (as a maximum penalty) for both the apostate and the missionary trying to induce the Muslim to leave the faith. Barbaric.

But I find it absolutely outrageous that an American living in New York City would have such sentiments!

It's not even clear why the children are there. Islamists on the forums linking the video make it sound as if the children are tricked into saying the Christian prayers and songs. But it's not clear that they aren't the children of Christian converts. Nor is it even clear that those leading the prayers and songs are Korean missionaries let alone the same Koreans being held hostage by the Taliban.

I hope the NYPD and the FBI have an eye on Khattab. I know he claims he doesn't support terrorism, but that means nothing from a guy who excludes the beheading murder of civilian hostages from his definition of terror.

Video below.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin notes that today is day 35 of the Korean hostage crisis and the Taliban have renewed their threats to murder the hostages. Check out the photo she posts of the hostages, do they look like 'terrorists' to you? Somewhere on the streets of NYC Khattab is smiling.......

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